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About Us

Spreyton Primary School

Spreyton Primary School is an integral part of the Spreyton Community since 1890 and has continued to grow in size, strength and educational performance.

School Plan overview 2018-2021

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Term dates

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School area map

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Mission Statement

“A Community of Respectful, Resilient and Confident Learners”

As a Tasmanian Education Department “Learners First” focused learning community, we have established shared community agreements to promote our successful learning environment.

Our agreements are:

  • Attentive Listening – eye contact, listening and knowing you are being heard
  • Mutual Respect - valuing and affirming the uniqueness of every individual
  • Appreciation – treating others with kindness, no “put downs”
  • Right to Pass as appropriate / Right to Participate and learn in an ongoing way
  • Personal Best – personal goal setting, persistence to achieve - having a go at everything

The Australian Curriculum

All Schools in all Australian States have made a transition to the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Framework. Spreyton Primary is implementing, assessing and reporting against the English, Mathematics, Science, History, History and Social Sciences (HASS) and Health and Wellbeing areas of the Australian Curriculum. Our Kindergarten classes are implementing the Early Years Framework.

We are an ALLERGY AWARE community.

Students with Life Threatening Allergies attend our School. We do not knowingly bring Nuts or Nuts Products into our School environment.